We are a group of girls in our mid 20's who are sick and tired of filling out all those silly questions on dating sites. Who has time to remember all those passwords and how to check all of the different email systems the dating sites use.

We still wanted a easy way to meet new people on the internet so we are set up this site to link directly to Homepages of sexy girls across the country. We now have a Date-A-Base of 1000's of single women with 100's of new girls adding their profiles everyday. Join us for FREE!

Its simple. We put up a picture with a link to the homepage the person pictured. We require that each person has at least 10 sexy or nude pictures and some form of contact information on their homepage.

This site contains adult content. Some Homepages are very graphic.We dont want to censor anyone so we do ask that you use an AVS or Age Verification Service. We choose to use FNP because they are FREE to you and your FREE FNP password will work on 1000's of other adult sites. All FNP protected sites are listed on their link list.Enjoy! -Rachael & Amy.

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